Hello guys, after seeing an impeding response from our readers, I am excited and motivated enough to write more blogs now..
So in this blog it is all simple, yet dangerous..
We will be REMOVING the YELLOW TRIANGLE and setting the system status as OFFICIAL

So what we need?
1. Triangle Away APK.
2. Rooted Samsung Phone(with Triangle)
3. Internet


So lets proceed, triangle on boot always comes when we flash a custom rom, kernel using ODIN. so it increases the counter and sets the system status as custom..
so therefore it eventually ends in voiding your warranty..
so to get back the precious warranty..

Download the APK from Google Play. or visit this thread at XDA-developers.

so Install the file, and open it.. please verify that the device model no. shown in the pop up is correct

and then after downloading the file required then scroll down and select the option to reset flash counter and follow the instructions

if any queries please contact at: -