Few YouTube recommended channels!!!

Guys, I know if you read my blog then hopefully you must be searching for the same answer on YouTube..
I know that.. cause I also do that.. 
so In this blog I would like to tell you about some great YouTube channels which you must look forward to and subscribe to them, they are not biased and they are fair.. they give you the in-depth reviews and device information!.. 
so lets begin, I only have 4 in my list.... 
NOTE:- They are not according to the best.. they are just my preference!!!
1). C4ETech

Welcome to C4E Tech, my name is Ash. Cursed4Eva TV was rebranded to C4ETech a little while back and this is a tech channel that's focused on Smartphones and Android. 
Right from Reviews, Comparisons & Tests to App & Game recommendations to Mods and tutorials, we make a lot of videos usually 20-30 a month.
To stay updated on the latest in Android and possibly even learn something new go ahead and subscribe to C4E Tech, its FREE :)

If you ever run into any issues while following a tutorial here you can hit us up at Cursed4Eva.com/forums for assistance.

This is the best I've found yet!!! He answers your queries and handles it best!. you can try it!!!

You should definitely go and subscribe to him

2). ExploreGadgets

Reviews,Android,Tutorials,Apps,Games,ROMs , MODs and many more...
For now videos on :
1) Galaxy Note GT-N7000
2) Galaxy Note II GT-N7100
3) Google Nexus 7
4) HTC One X
5) HTC Butterfly
6) Galaxy S4
7) Sony Xperia Z1
8) iPhone 5C
9) iPhone 5S
10) Galaxy Note 3 (LTE+3G)
hopefully will get my hands on other devices too :D
[some random videos for fun ;)]

This channel is best for reviews.. they are comprehensive and the guy provides almost everything which a geek or I say we Love??? 
You should go and subscribe to him!!! 

3). Erica Griffin

 OMG what to say about her? she is gorgeous and a great phone geek.. the knowledge she has is tremendous.. the comprehensive reviews and the most detailed reviews for as long as 2 hours can be viewed at her page!!!

You should definitely go and subscribe to her

4). Adrianisen

This guys is very old on YouTube.. over 5K+ videos and he owns almost all the devices on the internet!! He indeed fulfills users demands, write a request to him and he will do it!!!
You can Follow Him

I hope you liked my top 4 YouTube Channels!!! 
Stay Subscribed..

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