Well, this is October and it's time for Tech Giant GOOGLE to release a new version of the people's favorite operating system called the Android.
We have had speculations,rumors and hopes from the new OS:

So here are the 7 things which are confirmed!
1). It will be able to run on devices with a single core processor and 512MB RAM SMOOTHLY!!!
2). New and Updated Trebuchet Launcher for the stock nexus phones and other devices
3). New and Improved TRIM support
4). SMS integration in Hangouts
5). Always listening (Google Now without touching your device)
6). Cloud Printing & Quick Office integration
7). New & Redesigned UI - Icons, Transparent Status Bar, Navigation Bar etc

With the Nexus 5 in tow, we will soon do a specs comparison and officially review the 4.4 kitkat!

This was your loved Rahul(Founder & CEO of Tech Tactics)