How to downgrade from Jelly Bean to Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Note and S2

So here is me back once again after a hectic period of my board exams!
So what's happening guys this is Rahul Bhardwaj from Tech Tactics and today as you see in the Title I am going to DOWNGRADE FROM JELLY BEAN TO GINGERBREAD, 

This is real simple, yet tough!
What we need?
- A Galaxy Note/S2 on Jellybean
- A microUSB cable
- Odin
- The Gingerbread ROM for the Adjacent devices!
- Patience
Well, many of you may be sick from Samsung's new Jelly Bean update for your device, but that's not what we are left with! we can obviously downgrade to the previous versions of android! but this is only specific to some devices! and please try at your own risk! This is simple, safe and easy!

Lets begin!

First of all go to download mode on your phone ; you can do this by pressing the (POWER+ HOME+ VOLUME DOWN) together! this way you will reach to the download mode.
Now the screen should look like this!

Now press the Volume UP to continue!

It should look like this!
Now connect your device to the USB Cable and computer, open Odin and put the downloaded file there!
*P.S- This is a gingerbread file, and it comes with 3 files, Code, Modem, CSC!
So beware which files to put where!

In Odin put these files in this way!

After you've carefully put the files, you'll get a yellow or blue(in new odin versions) box in the ID:COM box!

and then hit the start button! this way your flashing will continue and after a few minutes it would complete!, the first boot usually takes a lot of time, don't panic at all!

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Thanks for reading!