SweetROM V11 review! for Galaxy Note

Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note I - SweetROM v11 Performance Review

Author’s notes:

1. This review has been written for extreme performance junkies.

2. All the tests, games, benchmarks and everything else were run and tested on a clean installation of the ROM (full wipe, including system, preload, data and cache, and then install the ROM), and after a simple clean (wiped cache, wiped dalvik cache and fixed the permissions in CWM and afterwards cleaned all temporary files with SD Maid). All of this to ensure optimal results.

Normal usage

During normal day-to-day usage, the ROM behaved well, showing smooth transitions between screens, the one and only problem being a small occasional stuttering, a perfectly normal matter for a two generations-old device. In fact, it is quite fast for a device this aged.

Startup time

As reported by the Android Assistant App, the phone takes a total time of 1 minute and 50 seconds (System: 45 seconds, Startup Items: 1 minute and 5 seconds) in order to start. Both the system boot time and the Startup Items time are quite good (for a small comparison: a year-old, CyanogenMod-ed Galaxy Note II takes 45 seconds to boot the system, too, and another full minute for the startup items).

Available RAM

While using apps, the available RAM decreases to as little as 50-100 MB. However, with the phone freshly booted, after cleaning the RAM the hard way (closing all apps from the apps menu, using Samsung’s Application Manager, Android Assistant’s Quick Boost and Advanced Task Killer Free), I was able to get as much available RAM as 438 MB, with TouchWiz still on, and that is a nice amount.

Synthetic benchmarks

Here are the maximum scores obtained after 3 consecutive runs for each benchmark:

AnTuTu: 10668.

Quadrant: General score: 4464. Details: CPU - 6588, Mem - 4905, I/O - 8521, 2D - 317, 3D - 1990.

Vellamo: HTML5: 1596. Metal: 469.


Here are the maximum, average and minimum framerates after a minute of gameplay (in-game), as reported by the FPS Meter App:

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012: Max 51, Min 35, Avg 41.

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD: Max 36, Min 27, Avg 30.

Subway Surfers: Max 61, Min 51, Avg 55.

Conclusion: the ROM is great and turns an old device into a decent daily driver, even for modern mobile gaming. Not really that good overall for a extreme performance junkie, but still a nice device to have and use.