Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC ONE M8 vs SONY Xperia Z2

Hello my dear friends, thanks for visiting me again, well as the title states, we gonna do a comparison b/w all three top Android flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S5

So first we start off with the new Galaxy S5, this device comes in 2 states, one in 4g which has a snapdragon 801 cpu clocked at 2.5ghz and the other comes with 3g only with exynos 5 true octa core, with 1.9ghz max and this time their won't be any 4+4 core arrangement, indeed you'll have all 8 cores running together! Their is only 2gb of RAM in the device which is a bit of disappointment but HTC's M8 also has 2GB RAM The device features many features and trust me guys, the display is the best amoled display yet, which can easily compete with LCD displays. Display of S5 has 600NITS of brightness whereas now this time around the color management and reproduction of color is very accurate and the colors are real this time around. The device features a 16MP camera,  Samsung has done a lot of efforts in the camera. This device is fast, 0.3 milliseconds auto focus on any object, real time HDR on the screen wow! and not just that, this is by far the best camera phone around.This camera can also record 4K video recording easily, and this time it is available in both the varients. S5 is IP57, means it is water resistance(not water proof).  This device has 2800MAH Battery which should be fairly large so you can go through your day easily. The device was initially launched for around 51500, but now you can get it for 43K via flipkart or eBay.

Sony Xperia Z2

So the Z2 was launched for 49990INR in India yesterday, this device features 3GB RAM and 2.3 GHZ Snapdragon 801 chipset. This would support 3g out of the box for indian users but in other countries it would support 4g as well. Z2 has 20.7 MP Camera, making one of some high megapixel count cameras, the camera can also record 4K video out of the box and the device is waterproof. It has 3200MAH Battary so you won't run out of juice even for heavy use. guys I haven't seen the device in my hands yet, so I can't say more about it.. but 3GB ram with adreno 330 GPU would be awesome. 


The most gorgeous device, construction is by par the best. you get aluminium body and the phone has 90% aluminium construction versus previous time you had 70% Metal. All right, M8 features a 4 ultrapixel camera like the last time but this time their are more software enhancements and the device camera is not that good, in low light it is good but you don't get much of zoom in your photos.  The phones comes with SnapDragon 801 which is clocked at 2.3 Ghz coupled with adreno 330 GPU. Device comes out with 4.4.2 kitkat out of the box, yes the phone is a masterpiece when it comes to sound. best audio driver. it has 2 boom sound speakers which are in real very loud. This time NO 4K in the phone, No OIS and you can't replace the battery this is same with Z2 aswell, S5 has removable battery. this device has 2600MAH battery lower then other 2 flagships but it should last you with a full day of usage. This phone has 4G but Indian varient will only support 3g out of the box. This phone was also launched for 49900 and should cost a bit less now. you can check out the prices on eBay.

Thanks for reading this guys, now I have started a youtube channel where you will all get video tutorials for anything I write about!