iOS 8 - Features, Release Date, and more

 iOS 8 coming this week to WWDC, their is a real sad news for Apple users who use an iPhone 4 or iPad 2, this update is not making a way to their device. But yeah the iPhone was a 3 year old device, very less people own that phone and same goes with iPad, yet iOS 7 update made them better.
Now lets have a small look at some of the features coming to iOS 8

Shazam Integration in iOS 8
     Shazam is a legendary app, hold the button and you are good to go, find any song, anything about the song... this is one of the best features coming to iOS 88

Apple has revamped Notifications Center in iOS 8 so users can respond to messages without leaving the app they are in. The function will work for apps like Messages and Calendar, and items can also be answered from the lock screen.

Mail in iOS will receive some tweaks: messages can be marked as read with a single gesture, and the app with gain context-aware shortcuts, like adding events to a calendar. Users can also now move a draft message window aside to navigate the rest of the inbox, rather than having to save the draft and re-open it later.

The new version of Spotlight in iOS will now include results for things that are not on the user's phone, including news or apps available in the App Store that have not yet been bought or downloaded.

The iPad version of Safari will gain some previously iPhone-exclusive features like the birds-eye tab view and Safari sidebar.

Apple generally distributes beta versions of new iOS releases for several months before releasing the finished OS to the public later in the year. iOS 6 and iOS 7 were both released in September, and we expect a similar release window for iOS 8.Apple's WWDC keynote is ongoing. We'll continue to update this post with more details as they're announce