NEXUS-6!!!!Motorola's Next GIANT leap with a GIANT phone!

As we all know the most awaited device of the year 2014 is out and it is out with a BANG!!

Yet another Dimple Device by Motorola and let us tell you it is super amazing with all the specs it is carrying with itself. Well that is justified with a large body it is having(For the Haters) but Motorola has done quite about everything for making this Smartphone-the best for the year 2014!! Most of us here know that whenever a new Google device is out, it brings us a whole new world of features(some of which are old, while some are new)..This time Google and Motorola has done it with another New release for the Android series, names Android Lollipop(Abbreviated as Android l).

Android l is laden with supernatural features and the animations which everybody was waiting for... Well this review is not about Android l so we will stop here.... Catch our more reviews for Android l!!!

Motorola Nexus 6 is the best Nexus ever released to the people of Android community..With a 5.96" of a heck lot of resolution screen(Quad HD) it is the best in class and surroundings! It is equipped with Snapdraggon 805 chipset which just one rival brand used in its flagship model(NOTE4).. It has an Adreno 420 GPU for just insane gaming without any lag and a 3GB ram to support it.. Now according to us 3GB ram on a stock android phone is just amazing to imagine, Think of it as something which is so smooth that it is just unstoppable!!!!! It has no UI lag, Supports the animations brilliantly, has got a huge 3220mAh Battery which is "Said" to rock one day of heavy usage!!!! I mean it's just a heck of a device to look for if you're an ANDROID lover(specifically Stock Android lover)...... The rival phones such as Samsung Galaxy Note4, HTC OneM8,Sony Z3(way below) are just small obstacles for this phone to cover up and it has had a brilliant history with these phones!!!!