Tesla Model 3 Unveiled (SPOILER ALERT).

Tesla, the most popular US electric car maker unveiled Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk announced this in a recent event. The car will be priced for $35,000 in the US. It will be released in 2017. 
The base car will do 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds, with versions that go "much faster." Range will be at least 215 miles, but Tesla hopes to exceed those numbers in the final car. All Model 3 cars will include support for Tesla's high-speed Supercharging network, because "it's about going where you want to go," according to Musk. By the end of 2017, when the Model 3 launches, Tesla says it will have a total of 7,200 Superchargers, double the number available today.

Good news is that, this car will be not just available in US only. Elon Musk announced that it will be available in India, Brazil, SA, SK, NZ, Singapore and Ireland also. Pre-orders start for $1000. 
Please stay tuned for more spicy news.. 
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