Jailbreak can improve the performance of an iPhone

Apple has been in the mobile industry from 2007 and has evolved the perception of an Mobile Smartphone, During the first launch of an iPhone, The prices were high, hopes were tremendous, but with every launch of an iPhone, each new iPhone is of a higher quality and performance wise improved drastically than the last one. 

But, we all know that Apple has restrictions to it's OS, and many of us have shifted to Android OS due to this, we can't customize the OS, We can't pair the Bluetooth to any other device except an iPhone or an iPad, you could only download apps from their official App store. You can only download music via the iTunes store, you can't do mass storage for music and videos, you have to sync via iTunes on your PC. THIS SUCKS! 

 As the years have gone on, the iPhone has evolved and so has the iOS firmware. Despite being against jailbreaking, Apple does tend to take many of their better ideas from jailbreak apps. You only have to glance at iOS 7 to see that.
As well as that, they have tried to upgrade their native apps. Features have been added in, ones that Apple thinks users want and others have been given the boot. Take the maps app from iOS 6. Apple removed Google and built their own maps app, believing it to be what we wanted.
It was like a scene from a disaster movie, complete carnage. Places were missing, people were being sent in the wrong direction, complete cities had moved. Despite that and because of a few updates, Apple maps remain one of the top used Maps apps of all times.
Siri is another example. Apple gave us a very intelligent voice assistant but they severely limited its functionality. Ok, again, with iOS 7, they have tried to rectify that but they are still placing limits.
The iPhone 5S is the new flagship iPhone for Apple and it is a pretty impressive device. As well as having two processors, it also has a fingerprint sensor. It comes with iOS 7 as standard, a firmware that contains a whole heap of jailbreak app copies.
iOS 7 is also not supported on all iOS device, only the newer ones. Apple is trying to push older devices off the market to make way for the next generation iPhones and the only way they could do this was to stop supporting them.
Even the iPhone 5 did not escape Apple’s cull. Despite being on the market for less than a year and even though it has support for iOS 7, it has been officially retired. If you have an iPhone 5 hold on to it for the time being because they are no longer in production.
In fact, if you do have an iPhone 5 you might be disappointed that, although iOS 7 is supported, not all the new features are available. There is a way round that and that is to jailbreak your device.
Jailbreaking is going to give back all the features to all the devices that Apple has shoved to one side. Jailbreaking is going to make older iPhones more powerful and give them more functionality than even the newest iPhone has.
Jailbreaking is designed to breathe life back into older iOS devices and make newer ones even better than they were before.
Apple actually owes a large debt of gratitude to the jailbreak community. Without jailbreaking, without that wonderful hardworking developer team and without all those hackers providing thousands of apps, Apple would not be where it is today.
The iPhone would not be as successful as it is and neither would the iPhone or iPod Touch. Don’t delay too long, jailbreak your iOS device today – you won’t regret it.