How to speed up Galaxy S3/Note2/S2/Note/s4/Note3

With every iteration of Samsung Galaxy Devices come with enhanced GPU,CPU, Screens they surpass their predecessors(that's what they have to do), but they run on Android and Samsung's TOuchwiz, which is notorious to lags and hiccups, but my dear viewers don't have to bear this thing, especially when they are on my blog!
So this blog is only for those who have Custom Recovery and ROOT on their devices! I have a tip for unrooted users aswell
In this post I would provide scripts for you guys and some few tips!
1. Try Seeder
The only APK which in reality speeds up my phone. it will work trust me!

2. Try Cross Breeder
The only .zip file which improves scrolling, app opening speed and boosts RAM and inshort improves performance!

3. Disable System Animation/Transition scale(Unrooted Users)
This is easy and is for unrooted users and rooted users aswell,
To do this, you need to go to settings of your phone
SETTINGS>DEVELOPER OPTIONS> Window Transition scale, transition animation scale, Animator Duration Scale to 0.0X

4. Install a custom Launcher
Installing a custom launcher means more speed and faster response, they are significantly better than Touchwiz launcher and are trustworthy, you can have a look on Nova and Apex! the best launchers, they are available free on Google Play

5. Use a custom kernel
Installing a custom kernel can enhance your phone's performance! but beware, it can also harm your phone!

6. Use GloveBox(Unroot/ROOT)
The APK which is somehow similar to multi-windows but it doesn't stack 2 apps on same time, but you can use the bar fast in any APP, it is for fast switching!

These were my six tips to speed your devices! any questions are mostly welcomed!

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