Root Note 3 without tripping knox or malware

Universal Root de la Vega v0.5
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.

Rooting Method By @designgears & Root App @Chainfire

What is Universal Root de la Vega?
It is simply a script to create Root de la Vega for any device that has the necessary hooks. In its current state, it should be considered beta, the code is still very messy and may not work in some cases.

What devices are supported?
Just about every Samsung device with KNOX! (Excluding Exynos based devices)
Samsung has caught on and has started patching bootloaders, you can still root, but you will trip KNOX.
If you are running MJ4, MJ7, MK1, MK2 or higher you can still root, but you will trip KNOX!

How to find your AP / CSC (PDA) versions:
Dial *#1234#

Basic knowledge of how to use terminal and odin or heimdall (this is not a general support thread)
Odin or Heimdall
Firmware File (see next section)
Linux: p7zip
Windows: Cygwin

How to find your stock firmware:
Go to SamMobile and enter your device CSC in the in the black bar search field. (Free account required to download)
If you cannot find it there, try Google, not my inbox
After you have downloaded your firmware, make sure unzip it down to the odin tar/tar.md5/exe.

SM-N900V SM-N900A

How to use Universal Root de la Vega:
Open a terminal to the directory containing (not windows command prompt)
Usage: ./ [full|csc] [stock firmware file path]
Example: ./ csc F:\N900PVPUBMI3_N900PSPTBMI3_SPR.tar.md5
Example: ./ full F:\OneClick_I537UCUBMI2.exe

full = AP and CSC (Creates a single file with both AP and CSC, no bootloaders, modems, etc.)
csc = CSC only

[stock firmware file path] - needs to be the full file path!
Drag and drop the file into the terminal window to get the full path.
What file types does Universal Root de la Vega support?
tar, tar.md5
exe (odin oneclick, thanks to exodin)

What's with the license?
To many kangers on XDA these days... If you don't like it, you can GTFO. 

Where can I download it?

By downloading Universal Root de la Vega you agree to the license above and you agree not to distribute files created with Universal Root de la Vega.

Universal-RDLV_v0.5.7z (1 MB)
MD5: 465f08e6d57eccdb4a29fbd5f7560a6b

root_de_la_vega_sdcard.7z (1.3 MB)
MD5: 3d1d592b397d7b829d86045d9ac40731

and A video to help you guys! 

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