How To Increase Battery Life!

Well, I have seen many users who have some battery problems ex. Fast discharge etc. So my little guide may help you solve some of your battery issue.

This is applicable to any Smartphone.

1. Turn off the 3G when you are not using it. The Dual Network Mode also eats a lot of your Samsung Galaxy Note’s battery, because of the 2G to 3G toggling and because the device is constantly searching for 3G network availability. So, if you want to improve your battery life go to Applications > Settings > Wireless & Network > Mobile networks > Network mode and choose the GSM only option.
2. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use
3. Both the Camera and the GPS eat a lot of battery when enabled. The GPS can be disabled from Home > Applications > Location and Security and uncheck the “Use GPS satelites” option. When your Samsung Galaxy Note battery level is low is advisable not to use the Camera feature, as it drains your battery very fast.
4. Do Not Use Live Wallpapers

Best way to charge your phone!

Even though most of the smartphones users are neglecting the way they charge their devices, it’s very important to know how you charge your Samsung Galaxy Note’s battery. It’s best not to overcharge your Samsung Galaxy Note battery. It takes at most three hours for the battery to recharge, so it’s advisable not to leave your phone plugged in to the charger over night, as this might ruin your battery on the long way.
If you want to increase your Samsung Galaxy Note battery life, it’s important to charge your device only when the battery level drops under the 10% level. Each battery has a charging pattern, and most of them are optimized to store maximum of power when they are charged below the 10% level.
Also use the original AC charger you received with your Samsung Galaxy Note for a better charging and an increased battery life. Charging your device using the USB data cable plugged in to the computer is not good for the health of the battery. The electric power coming from your USB port fluctuates and this might damage your Samsung Galaxy Note battery.

Keep your Battery Maintenance up to date
As you probably noticed, the Samsung Galaxy Note battery has some golden pins at one end. Actually they are some contacts that send the power from the battery to your device. By pulling the battery out to often the pins get loose, affecting your Samsung Galaxy Note battery life, as they won’t connect with the socket.
Also, we recommend you to clean the golden pins of your Samsung Galaxy Note battery from time to time. Do this once in two month, and use a dry cloth and gently rub the pins to remove dust, or any alien parts, for a better contact.

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