iPhone 6 Rumors

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. This could take a while. The iPhone 5S is less than a year old, but rumors are gathering about its replacement, which should – if previous versions are anything to go by – be called the iPhone 6. Will it be bigger, or stay the same size? Will it have standout features? Will it be joined by an iPhone 6C, or the iWatch?

None of these questions and many more will be answered until Tim Cook takes the stage later this year, but we can’t wait until September. We’re just not that patient. So, we’ve collected all the latest gossip we’ve heard right here. We hope you enjoy.

Everything We Know About iPhone 6:
·         September 19 launch
·         Production starts in July
·         Two versions
·         Second model delayed
·         Video of sapphire screen
·         iPhone 6 price
·         Camera and storage
·         iOS 8
·         Thin body
·         Large battery
·         Big screens
·         More iOS 8 app rows
·         Curved screen and sensors
·         HD voice
·         Solar charging
·         Liquid metal
·         Faster RAM