Samsung Galaxy NOTE4!!!!

Well as you know Samsung announced their new Galaxy yesterday!!!! and guess what it's the new Note device named as NOTE4!!..The specs are basically the same as the previous Note device(NOTE3), making little changes are the Snapdragon 805 chip with an option for exynos chip made by Samsung, A brilliantly sharp Quad-HD Display!, And finally Samsung has heard the typical user about the hardware and they have managed to scrap out their earlier Metal like looking PLASTIC with Real METAL!!!!!!!! yipeeee!><>...

The Note4 comes with Android 4.4.4 out of the box with a possible update to Android L(soon)..
But Samsung has managed to have some of the features of Android L on this User Interface like the multitasking experience is just redefined!!!!You can keep 16 applications running simultaneously on a single screen as long as you want!!!Now that is multitasking(Hope there is no LAG)!!!

Stay tuned for more information about the #IFA,#SAMSUNG,#APPLE,#SONY,#LG,#MOTOROLA!!!!